Easy Updos for Long Hair That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Life Easy

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In this article, we will be focusing on easy Updos for long hair and why people with long hair (me and every other distraught girl) need them desperately to makes sense of the purpose of this gift. Yes. Long hair is a gift, people! So in this article, I will be showcasing some easy to do updos for girls (and guys if they want to) and how these can help save your time and at the same make you look effortlessly chic and elegant.

Why is it Hard to Handle Long Hair

Long hair! Having long hair means that not only do you have to maintain their health and their consistency you also have to worry about what you are going to do with them on different occasions. For people who have long hair, like me, we have to constantly keep figuring out new and innovative ideas to make up our hair and make it look good. For that, we need easy updos for long hair which can make our lives easy. Then there are times we get frustrated and want to chop them of but let’s be real, we would be a wreck if we cut them off.

Why we need an Updo for Long Hair

So then we are caught up in this dilemma as to what new can we do every time and what would be easy enough that can be done in minutes so as to not take much of our time because we have lives and other problems too you know! Now an updo is actually defined as a hairstyle that lifts your hair up and puts it in a bun it can also be used in the context of fixing up your hair in a way that it looks presentable and great at the same time.

Here are some of the ways you can fashion your hair in a way that is easy, comfortable and takes less time and trust me, as a person who has long hair, I approve of these hairstyles as being “awesome”.

Twisted Bun

Easy Updos for Long Hair - Twisted Bun

Photo Credit: www.oncewed.com

Now, this is the easiest and possible the least time-consuming updo there is out there and all its going to take are 4 simple steps that will lead you to an amazing mid hanging hair bun.

  1. Part your hair half way from the back without combing your hair. Make sure your hair is clean and not oily as that would hinder in the outcome of the hairstyle.
  2. After parting your hair make a knot with your locks as you would make with a rope but don’t pull too hard as that would defeat the purpose of a seamless twisted bun.
  3. After the knot gently takes the locks of hair to the opposite direction of the knot and pin them up. So when the knot is made turn the locks on the right side to the left and vice versa so as to complete with a full volume bun.
  4. Use hairspray to keep hair in place and voila you have a sophisticated twisted bun.
twisted bun wedding hairstyle

Photo Credit: www.oncewed.com

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