Updos That Make You Want To Socialize

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Listen, we all in live in a difficult world. A world with chaos, trials, tribulations and what not. A world where (If you are in a citizen of the first world) not having matching shoes to your dress cause you to break out into a panic attack. Hair is a problem that has a life of its own. And what to do with the said hair calls for emergency meetings. What to do, how to do it and what is an updo? What IS an updo? I should tell you that.

What Is Updos?

Updos is defined in the dictionary as a way to style your hair on top of your head. Ok, so these words aren’t the exact words of the dictionary but are very close and somewhat portray the needed explanation. And updos can be sideways on your head, on top of your head, low bun, and sometimes stuck to your head. So basically an updo is something that helps you pick your hair up from your shoulders or your neck and helps set it on your head in any direction.

Why Do We Need An Updo?

So you might ask, why are you wasting our time with these updos and what use it will be to us? The simple answer is it will help you become more sophisticated than you actually are and trust me, you need that sometimes to impress someone in your life mostly when you go for interviews. So here goes.

Braided Updo

Braided Updo

Step-by-step instruction for Braided Updo (PHOTO CREDIT: fashionmagazine.com)

Here is how to do this simple yet eccentric looking braid bun:

  1. Make a half pony and turn that pony into a full braid.
  2. In the next step braid, the left out hair, so there is a braid consisting of your half pony hair and the left out hair.
  3. Pin up the left out hair braid to the underside of your top braid and secure it properly.
  4. Now pin down the top braid to the base of your headband there ya go homies!
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