Easy Updos for Black Hair That Look Good and Feel Good

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When people talk about updos for hair we often try and think of a hairstyle and what we usually find are blondes and people with light hair colours and how that hairstyle looks good on them. In this article, our focus is going to be on black hair and how to make a great hairstyle out of it.

Why Focus on Black Hair Styles?

That is an interesting question that we asked ourselves and the answer that we have cleverly come up with is: why not? I mean don’t people get a joy when something is singled out and given attention to. We decided this time it was going to be black hair and how to make amazing creative hairstyles with them. Watch out!

What is an Updo and How Will It Help People Who Have Black Hair

An updo, for the better part of the word, is a hairstyle that ends up with all your hair in a bun either on top of your head, on the side of your head or hanging low from your head. Either way, it cleans up your messy hair and makes it look presentable.  As for how it will help people who have black hair? Well, the same way it will help people with blond hair and grey hair and purple hair; it will look cool on an uncool day. Shall we begin…?

Crisscross Top Knot

Crisscross Top Knot

Photo Credit: www.akademiakrasy.sk

Now this hairstyle is easy to do and especially treasured by women who need a quick updo (Not supported by actual research because I didn’t do research on that!)

  1. The start off by taking a portion of your hair from the top of your head and making a top bun out of it leaving hair to cascade back freely.
  2. Part your free hair into two portions straight from the middle.
  3. Hold one side and move it in the opposite direction towards the top bun and wrap the hair around the bun. Use pins to keep hair in place.
  4. Do the same with the other portion and pin it to your top bun.
  5. Decorate your bun by wearing a funky or coloured band around the bun to make it stand out.
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