Updos for Long Hair That Are A Little Complicated But Awesome

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Now I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t easy updos and updos the same? No, they’re not. Why you ask? Because there different words and has different meanings. Easy means simple and trouble free where as simple updo can mean it could be a terribly hard way to make your hair. In this article, we will be telling you how to make moderate leveled updos for long hair.

Why Do We Need Updos for Long Hair?

Why we need updos for long hair is a valid question. Why do we need to drink cold water to quench our thirst or why do we need to make food presentable when it’s going to turn to mush inside our stomachs? The answer to all these questions is because we humans are all about creating a dramatic flair and wanting to attract attention. We love feeling good and we love when someone else tells us we are doing good. Am I Being negative?  Yes. Will it affect this article? Absolutely not.

What to Look Forward To In This Article

Not only will this article provide you with amazing intricate but easy to do updos it will provide this information with a flare of humor. You might like it and that might be the success of it. If you don’t then you can exclude the humor as a weak attempt to form a connection with you and instead focus on the facts and the “hows” of the way to style your hair.

Merged Bun

Merged Bun

Photo Credit: www.fashiondivadesign.com

This updo is chic and elegant. It’s perfectly stylish for a wedding or a prom. Here are the steps to do this graceful updo:

  1. Make a side parting and leave hair on both sides and make a low pony with a little back combing done.
  2. After the pony is made curl the outside and left out hair on both sides. The curls should be loose curls which can easily be molded so do remember to hairspray them.
  3. Now turn the pony into a bun and pin it up.
  4. Now step by step take locks of your curled up hair and pin them lock wise. Meaning one lock up and then the other lock a little down. And keep pinning them till some of you’re curled up hair are pinned up into your backcombing.
  5. Graceful and Elegant in one go!
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