Updos for Medium Hair Because Unlike the Middle Child They Are Not Overlooked

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As the above mentioned statement and title it is safe to say that medium hair is often the middle child of hairstyles. There are updos of long hair, updos for short hair but somehow people forget that there is a middle option here too. Updos for medium hair for those women and men who are stuck somewhere in between.

Why Are Medium Hair Overlooked?

In life some people are looked at and given attention and some are ignored until they do something so extraordinary that they stand out. As philosophical and dramatic as that sounds yes I am talking in context to hair to. You see our hair have a life of their own and we need to give them attention and care so that in result they can help us look as amazing as we think we look.

Why Do You Need an Updo For Medium Hair?

What we are going to do is to you beautiful people how to deal with your not yet long but also not short hair quickly, efficiently and gracefully. We are going to show you three different, easy-to-do steps that will make your chaotic of a life a little bit easier and fresher.

Twist Wrapped Bun

Twist Wrapped Bun

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Again this is easy and takes a matter of minute to do.

  1. Make a low pony leaving a significant amount of hair from both sides.
  2. Turn that ponytail into a bun and secure it with a spiral pin so that it holds the hair in place.
  3. After that take locks of half from one side of the head and twist them such (As shown in Picture 3) and then pin it gently and loosely to the bun.
  4. Do the same with the other side.
  5. Then get hold of the rest of your side parted hair and twist them gently and pin them around the bun.
  6. Repeat the procedure onto the other side.
  7. Once done place another spiral pin so as to hold the entire bun in place. And you are done!
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